FetchXML – Tipos de Operadores

Atendendo a um pedido no fórum MSDN, criei uma listagem com todos os tipos de operadores suportados nas QueryExpressions do CRM (seja via JavaScript ou .Net), que na verdade trata-se de fecthXML, coloquei as duas informações, assim esta tabela torna-se útil para “non-developers for Dynamics CRM”!

Operador (QueryExpression) Operador (fetchXML)
LowerThan lt
GreaterThan gt
LowerEqual le
GreaterEqual ge
Equal eq
NotEqual ne
Null null
NotNull not-null
In in
NotIn not-in
Between between
NotBetween not-between
Like like
NotLike not-like
Yesterday yesterday
Today today
Tomorrow tomorrow
NextSevenDays next-seven-days
LastSevenDays last-seven-days
NextWeek next-week
LastWeek last-week
ThisMonth this-month
LastMonth last-month
NextMonth next-month
On on
OnOrBefore on-or-before
OnOrAfter on-or-after
ThisYear this-year
LastYear last-year
NextYear next-year
EqualUserId eq-userid
NotEqualUserId ne-userid
EqualBusinessId eq-businessid
NotEqualBusinessId ne-businessid
LastXHours last-x-hours
NextXHours next-x-hours
LastXDays last-x-days
NextXDays next-x-days
LastXWeeks last-x-weeks
NextXWeeks next-x-weeks
LastXMonths last-x-months
NextXMonths next-x-months
LastXYears last-x-years
NextXYears next-x-years


Tiago Cardoso


Sobre Tiago Michelini Cardoso

I have been working with IT since 2006, almost of this time using Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 as a source of solutions. I graduated in Bachelor of Information Systems at FIAP (Brazil) in 2012. I really love what I do! Technology has been my interest since always. Even in a tool different world of the current. When we didn't have internet, tablets, smartphones e social networks! Although I have worked in some roles, I can't give up "the developer life". Even so far of the greatest developers. Development in general is the thing that I love to work! I started my contributions about Dynamics in 2010. At the beginning, I used to help at MSDN and TechNet forums. But now, I'm dedicating all my time in my personal blog! Currently, I have the enormous honour of being the only Brazilian who got the award for Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 product. I have been receiving the award since 2012.
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